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Employee Survey Pricing

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Basic Package

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  • Self-service setup and administration - you manage the process yourself
  • Comprehensive list of 74 questions
  • Targeted follow-up questions for each respondent based on his/her answers
  • Personalized item phrasing - e.g. your company's name in place of "this organization"
  • Customized demographic categories
  • Interactive Dashboard - a powerful analytical tool that will allow you to explore and understand your results in greater depth

Complete employee survey
53 statistically validated and benchmarked items (shorter or longer questionnaires available)
Targeted follow-up questions - unique for each respondent
Personalized item phrasing
Custom demographics
Dedicated project manager We set everything up for you and hold your hand throughout the entire process.
Interactive dashboard A powerful online analytical tool that will allow you to explore and understand your results in greater depth.
Action planning tool Set and track development goals online.
Dashboard overview A professional review of your results, focusing on how to use the dashboard and highlighting key findings (via web conference).

For Consultants

If you are a consultant looking for a branded employee survey tool for your clients, contact us for more info.

Are you ready for an employee survey?

Readiness Assessment
Do you have the necessary support of senior leadership and key stakeholders? Are you prepared to confront the problems and issues that the survey uncovers?

Implementation Plan
Do you have a plan and timeline in place for the entire process - before, during, and after the survey? Conducting the survey is only one part of this process.

Communication Plan and Sample Employee Survey Email
Do you have a plan for communicating the plans, goals, and intentions of the survey process with senior leaders, managers, and employees?

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USA: +1 650.577.9604
Australia: +61 (02) 8001 6334
UK: +44 (0)116 251 7988


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